Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Religion of peace? Ya Right!

I am getting sick and tired of hearing from politicians, pundits, and the media how Islam is a religion of peace. That is a bunch of garbage. Here we have the latest episode in this trilogy as reported by the Associated Press.

A Sudanese court convicted a British teacher Thursday of insulting Islam for letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad and sentenced her to 15 days in prison. avoiding a heavier punishment of 40 lashes. The teacher wept in court, insisting she never meant to offend.

The defense said the case was sparked by a school secretary with a grudge. But it escalated as Muslim clerics sought to drum up public outrage against what it called a Western plot to insult Islam's Prophet Muhammad and demanding Gibbons (the teacher) be punished.

So how did this incredible attack on this so called "religion of peace" get started?

It began with a classroom project on animals in September at the private school, which has 750 students from elementary to the high school level.
The teacher had one of her 7-year-old students bring in a teddy bear, then asked the class to name it and they chose the name Muhammad.
Each student then took the teddy bear home to write a diary entry about it, and the entries were compiled into a book with the bear's picture on the cover, titled "My Name is Muhammad".
But an office assistant at the school, Sara Khawad, complained to the Ministry of Education that Gibbons had insulted the prophet. Khawad testified at Thursday's trial, chief defense lawyer Kamal Djizouri said.

They now have had to close the school because of all these hard line, false Profit following idiots who were wanting a much harsher sentence. The sentence they wanted; 40 lashes, 6 months in jail and a fine.

All for naming a teddy bear Muhammad.

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