Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Media goes back to their favorite Republican McCain

It did not take long for the media to back track from its' love affair with Mike Huckabee. They are now telling all of the Republicans that Senator McCain is the man with momentum. That will last until Romney knocks him down in Michigan. Then they will be back on the Gov. Huckabee band wagon.
In case there are still some idiot Republicans out there who get all their information from the main street media, we should not forget the positions the media's favorite candidate has taken.

1). He was against the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and also 2003.

2). He came to the conclusion that after more than 200 years of Presidents' picking judges, that he would go along with the socialist party and create a group of 14 Senators who could keep nominees from receiving an up or down vote in the Senate.

3). He still believes in embryonic stem cell research. That creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it for some false hope of a cure to some disease is OK.

4). The McCain Fiengold bill limiting free speech and creating the likes of Moveon.org is considered by McCain as one of his achievements.

5). He thinks the death tax is a good thing. Politicians who believe that taxing money once is not enough make me sick.

6). He has stated his position to fix Social Security is to raise taxes.

7). He wants illegal immigrants to stay in the Country after paying a fine.

8). Rather than allowing experts to determine how best to interrogate detainees, he would rather the U.S. not water board because he thinks it makes the U.S. look bad. A few seconds of pouring water down someones nose, or the potential to save hundreds and perhaps thousands of lives? That is a tough one. Lets see, let me think a second, I think I need a life line before I pick!!!!

This guy would destroy our party. That is why the media loves him. Plain and Simple.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Global Warming? My A**!!!

I wish Al (I invented the Internet) Gore and his left wing, tree hugging environmentalist wacko buddies would come to my neck of the woods. Please bring an ice pick to help you get around. They would have you believe that "the global warming debate" is over. Not quite you liberal weenies.
First we find a flaw in the United Nations testing with respect to Urban areas. After getting smacked in the head with their flaw, they quickly come out and say all is fixed and no significant difference in temperatures was seen. I find it amazing that people still believe these pin-heads. Below is part of an article by the Heartland Institute.

What the pinheads say:

1. We have reliable temperature records showing how much the planet has warmed in the past century.
2. Computer projections of future climate, while not perfect, simulate the observed behavior of the past so well they are a reliable guide for the future.
Therefore, they say, we need to limit carbon dioxide emissions (i.e., energy use) right now, despite the expense and even though the cost will fall almost entirely on the United States, gravely harming the world's economic engine while exerting no detectable change on climate in the foreseeable future.
Urban Heat Islands Skew Data
The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) claims to have carefully corrected the temperature records for the well-known problem of local ("urban," as opposed to global) warming. But this has always troubled serious scientists, because the way the U.N. checks for artificial warming makes it virtually impossible to detect the urban "heat island" effect in recent decades--the same period over which our cities have undergone the greatest growth and sprawl.
The surface temperature record shows a warming rate of about 0.17º Celsius (0.31º Fahrenheit) per decade since 1979. However, there are two other records--one from satellites, the other from weather balloons--that tell a different story. Neither annual satellite nor balloon trends differ significantly from zero since the satellite record started in 1979. These records reflect temperatures in what is called the lower atmosphere, or roughly between 5,000 and 30,000 feet.
Four years ago, a distinguished panel of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences concluded there is a real disparity between the reported surface warming and the temperature trends measured in the atmosphere above. Since then, many investigators have tried to explain the cause of the disparity, while others have denied its existence.
Balloons Show Little Warming
So, which record is right: the U.N. surface record showing the larger warming, or the other two?
There's another record, from seven feet above the ground, derived from balloon data recently released by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
In two research papers in the July 9 issue of Geophysical Research Letters, two of the authors of this article (Douglass and Singer) compared the NOAA record for correspondence with the surface record and the lower atmosphere histories. The odd-record-out turns out to be the U.N.'s hot-surface history.
This is a double kill, both on the U.N.'s temperature records and on its vaunted climate models. That's because the models generally predict a warming rate that increases with height above the Earth's surface (outside of local polar regions). But neither the satellite nor the balloon records can find it. When this was noted in the first satellite paper published in 1990, some scientists objected that the record, which began in 1979, was too short. Now we have a quarter-century of concurrent balloon and satellite data, both screaming that the U.N.'s climate models have failed, as well as indicating its surface record is simply too hot.
If the U.N.'s models are wrong as one goes up in the atmosphere, then any correspondence between them and surface temperatures is either pretty lucky or the product of some unspecified "adjustment." Getting the vertical distribution of temperature wrong means everything dependent upon that--precipitation and cloudiness, as examples--must be wrong. Obviously, the amount of cloud in the air determines the day's high temperature as well as whether it rains.
As bad as things have gone for the IPCC and its ideologues, it gets worse--much, much worse.
Economic Assumptions
After four years (Not months but years people) of the most rigorous peer reviews ever, Canadian economist Ross McKitrick and another of the authors of this article (Michaels) published a paper searching for "economic" signals in the temperature record.
McKitrick was initially piqued by what several climatologists had noted as a curiosity in both the U.N. and satellite records: Statistically speaking, the greater a nation's gross domestic product, the more it warms. The research showed that somewhere around half of the warming in the U.N. surface record was explained by economic factors, which can include changes in land use, quality of instrumentation, and upkeep of records.
This worldwide study added fuel to a fire started a year earlier by the University of Maryland's Eugenia Kalnay, who had calculated a similar 50 percent bias due to economic factors in the U.S. records.
So, to all who worry about global warming, you may rest assured that the science is indeed settled. The "skeptics"--the strange name applied to those whose work shows the planet isn't coming to an end--have won.

All I know is that I am cold, and that the sole purpose of the Global Warming crowd is to destroy the US economy. Fortunately that will require more than the statement; "the Global Warming debate is over" as offered up by the liberals' favorite inventor of the Internet.!!!!!