Friday, November 16, 2007

Liberal Education at its' best

The liberals' are at it again. They have already managed to take the most admired education model in the world and turn it into a second rate one. In the US the Department of Education and the very incompetent yet strong, liberal Teachers Union continues to beat our kids down even further. It is bad enough that they believe conflict resolution and teaching 11 year old kids how to have sex, is more important than the three R's. Now it seems that the school district in Boulder, Colorado has decided to do away with recognizing their top students at the end of the year. They believe it would be better to recognize groups over individuals. How pathetic is that?

Here is some of what they are saying from articles printed on the Front Range

by Amy Bounds, Boulder Daily Camera

"...The race for valedictorian will end, starting with the Boulder Valley School District's class of 2010.
A district committee studying the issue agreed to mirror colleges by recognizing groups of high-achieving seniors with summa, magna and cum laude honors instead of crowning a single valedictorian. The change is the result of a previous Boulder Valley decision to no longer calculate class rank.
'This honors more kids for academic achievement,' said Fairview High School Principal Don Stensrud, who co-chaired the committee. 'It gives kids something to strive for.'

"The action in Boulder not only is a swipe at competition, which makes our economy go 'round, but also at academic excellence," said Sen. Josh Penry, R- Fruita, who is sponsoring the graduation-standards proposal with the GOP's Rep. Rob Witwer, of Genessee.
"It sends out a message to students across Colorado that academic performance doesn't matter all that much," Penry said. "That is precisely the opposite of what we should be telling our kids so they can compete in the 21st century economy."
Added Penry, "China and India are raising their standards while Boulder is dumbing down."

So there you have it. What is one reason they give for the change? Because it isn't fair. Another example of liberalism and emotion.

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Liberals never fail to amaze me.


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