Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mrs. Clinton continues to self destruct!

It does not look good for Mrs. Clinton, the leader of the Democrat party. After running for President since college, she has finally been forced to answer a direct question. I now can see why she she doesn't want to answer questions of any importance. 999 out of 1000 liberals have ZERO core values. As such, they refuse (at least attempt to) give direct answers to direct questions. She knows that by the next day she will have to take a new position on the subject. Of course for her, she actually changed positions twice in one debate. At least she came out the next morning with a firm position backing Spitzer and drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Oh wait a minute; a few days later she changed again. I can't keep up with her. I am sure her positions, or more accurately described as a lack of positions, makes perfect sense to a liberal. But for me, I am just confused.

10 years ago liberals got away with taking no positions. With the media in their back pocket nobody ever questioned what was said, no matter how many different positions they would take with each issue. That doesn't work today. So what does she do to keep from getting (tricked) into having to take a stand on a position? She just plants questions in her campaign appearances. What scares me is that I hear pundit after pundit trying to dismiss her actions as no big deal.
I can only ask this of those who are planning to vote for her; Please explain to me where she stands on ANY issue????

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