Thursday, November 29, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming!!!!

I pretty much give up. Every day it is becoming clearer and clearer of the main street media bias to the American people. Although still fervently denied by the liberal media, polls show that the public now accepts the bias as SOP. You would think that they would now at least attempt to hide this bias, but they don't.
Go to the CNN Republican YouTube debate last night and you see it front and center. Out of 1000's (according to CNN) video questions submitted, CNN manages to find liberals either working directly for Democrats, or backing them in the next election, as the video questions to be used during the debate.

1. The abortion questioner is an Edwards supporter.
2. The Log Cabin Republican questioner backs Obama.
3. The lead paint on toys from China questioner is a Union activist actively backing Edwards.

These morons at CNN are now defending their choices. Although they agree that one questioner turns out to be a looney liberal backer, they say his question is still relevant. These debates are for the primary voters and not for the general public. Once a nominee has been chosen from each party, then let the games begin. Untill that time comes we as republicans, independants and conservatives want questions that are relevant to us.
Questions on gays in the military, lead paint on toys and whether or not to criminalise abortion is not on the top of our list. It goes back to one of the main differences between liberals and normal people: To a liberal, it is ALWAYS about emotion.

Another side bar to the debate is this sudden love affair the media has toward Mike Huckabee. This man has not seen a tax increase he hasn't liked, or an illegal immigrant he wanted to send back to Mexico. Yes he is a Christian, other than that ??????????????????

What stood out to me was that the only 3 candidates who are conservative today, yesterday and hopefully tomorrow are former Senator Fred Thompson, Representative Tom Tancredo and Representative Duncan Hunter!!!!!PERIOD!!!!

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