Thursday, November 8, 2007

Liberalism is a disease

Year after year as I become older and hopefully wiser, it becomes clear to me that a great portion of our society (according to polls, 50%) is inflicted with a thought process disease.

A liberals' entire existence is based on emotion. THAT IS THE DISEASE. Facts, history, logic, common sense, all get in line behind emotion in the life of a liberal. There is truly something fundamentally wrong with that thought process.

Granted there are some who are just easily manipulated by things they hear and read. They get their news, albeit very little, from news sources that are the most readily available. They form their opinions from headlines in the newspapers, top of the hour news on the radio, nightly evening news programs on television, and of course, those they spend their most time with.

Is there anything wrong with getting your news that way? I would say no; to a degree. If all you are getting is one side of an issue, and you are not willing to seek other sources, then this form of information gathering is wrong.

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